Welcome to a whole new world of strawberry flavor and aroma.

Strawberry Seeds Store is dedicated to bringing new flavorful cultivars of heirloom seeds and plants to home gardeners, garden centers, landscapers, chefs, commercial growers and anyone interested. For nearly 30 years we have been collecting, growing, and conducting research on several species of strawberries, especially the alpines. We save seeds of our many species and cultivars to keep their lines going.

Through the years we have continued to save seeds for cultivars like ‘Pineapple Crush’. Here’s a handful of this cultivar

A handful of alpine strawberry Pineapple Crush.

For years we searched for a source of ‘Reine des Vallees’, the European standard for home gardeners and commercial growers. Here’s a berry waiting to be harvested

Alpine Strawberry ‘Reine des Vallees’. Exquisite flavor and aroma.

Whether you’re new to growing strawberries or a pro, we think you can find one or more cultivars that will fit into your plan for growing gourmet strawberries. We believe that like us, you will get hooked on the exquisite flavor and aroma.

All the seeds we sell are Non GMO, Heirloom and Open-Pollinated.

GMO Free (Non GMO)
GMO Free (Non GMO)